Atlanta’s Best Indoor Playgrounds


Sometimes it’s a rainy day, sometimes it’s just too hot to go outside. Whatever your reasoning for reason (and you certainly don’t need one), taking the kids to one of these top indoor playgrounds never disappoints.

Monkey Joe’s


It doesn’t matter which location you go to, everybody always has a good time at Monkey Joe’s. Same deal with the parent areas, those this spot has a few flat screens for keeping up with the news or catching the game. They have different play areas for different age groups, meaning all are welcome (bouncy castle anyone?).

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Little Bears

Little Bears has a cute name that matches its cute interior (but not in size; it’s 3,000 square feet). This place is specifically designed for preschoolers and younger. Parents can take advantage of free coffee and wifi while the excellent staff make sure everyone is as safe as can be.

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Hippo Hopp Indoor Playground


via Flickr user Groupon

This one has to make the list simply because it’s completely green and ecofriendly, but that doesn’t mean they skimp on the fun. Bounce houses, a full food menu, obstacle courses, free wifi, the whole enchilada.

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