Crazy Baltimore Food Challenges

Think you’re the king of eating? Do you have a superhuman stomach or taste buds? Do you long to be a local legend? If you answered yes to all three, these crazy eating challenges are for you.

Steak & Main


via Flickr user Ross Catrow

Featured on “Man v. Food,” this infamous eating challenge involves eating 76oz. of different cuts of steak and a pound of sides. Adam Richman couldn’t complete it, and very few have. If you’re a champion, the $140 meal is free and you get an additional $100 in cash.

Here’s their website.

Cluck-U Chicken


via Flickr user Young Rok Chan

This chain has a very popular location in Baltimore and offers a chicken wing challenge that simply involves eating 12 wings in 10 minutes. Sounds easy enough, except for the 911 sauce that’s so hot you have to sign a waver. After you finish, you can’t eat or drink anything for five minutes to claim victory. The prize is a picture on the wall and a t-shirt.

Here’s their website.

El Hidalgo


This is our favorite. The massive eight-pound burrito you have to eat in the Ultimate Burrito Prenada Challenge at El Hidalgo is absolutely delicious and makes for great leftovers, and if you can finish it in an hour, the $40 meal is free, you get your picture on the wall, and you get free drinks all night, though I can’t imagine fitting anything else in your body.

Here’s their website.