Chicago’s Best Neapolitan Pizza

While Neapolitan pizza may be less recognized than its thin crust and deep dish brethren, the combination of fresh bufalo mozzarella, San Marzano tomatoes, and hand-kneaded dough should never be overlooked.

Da Nella

via Flickr user Pseph

via Flickr user Pseph

With ingredients imported straight from Italy and a an oven made by Naples natives with bricks from the city, this place is about as authentic as it gets. On top of all this, there’s a Mediterranean-esque outdoor patio to enjoy your pie in warmer months. Take a date and order a bottle of wine for a truly romantic experience.

You can find Da Nella at 1443 W Fullerton Ave.


This cozy spot puts a slight Sicilian twist on the Neapolitan style, and the wood-fired pizza has the perfect chewy to crunchy ratio. The cozy Andersonville location is a lovely spot to catch up with friends and the owner is always around to have a laugh with customers. Be sure to try unique flavors like the ricotta cheese and butternut squash.

You can find Antica at 5663 N Clark Street.

Spacca Napoli

via Flickr user Andrew Huff

via Flickr user Andrew Huff

When a pizza is rated number one from an Italian consul, you know it has to be good. From the taste of each pie to the atmosphere in the pizzeria, everything is authentic. This Lincoln Square spot serves up pizza with a beautiful char made with only fresh ingredients. It even features tasty toppings like pistachio pesto.

You can find Spacca Napoli at 1769 W Sunnyside Ave.