Most Exclusive Nightclubs in Chicago

If you want to party like you’re Leonardo DiCaprio, these are the spots to hit.

Sub 51

Underneath the swanky Hub51 is the even swankier, and borderline unapproachable, Sub51, a spot so exclusive, this writer could not even imagine being anywhere near the entrance, much less inside. If you’re a baller, this is the spot to prove it.

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Bottle service, dress codes, expensive champagne, dancing to jams from some of the top DJs in the country, and a very chic atmosphere make Cuvee an awesome nightclub. The $20 cover, the long lines, and the cinematic “are you on the list?” question at the entrance make it one of the most exclusive of the exclusive.

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The Mid

Certainly not the kind of celebrity exclusivity status of the other two, The Mid is an approachable nightclub, especially on weekdays when they have alternative bands and DJs with building notoriety. The reason they’re in the top three most exclusive is because the line on Friday and Saturday nights are as long as the line to get on Space Mountain at Disney World in mid-February.

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Chicago’s Best Candy Shops

The closest thing you can get to the selection featured in “Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory” is hitting up these top Chicago spots for satisfying any sweet tooth, no matter how particular, or how ravenous.

Preemptive Honorable Mention: Margie’s Candies is an institution and definitely a top spot, but their handmade gourmet chocolates don’t fall within the “go nuts and fill up your bags” mentality that we’re going for with this list.

Amy’s Candy Bar

A crazy variety of gummies, stupid good chocolate, and all sorts of licorice are go-to staples, but our favorites are the nostalgic options, like the wax soda bottles, peel off the paper candy buttons, candy Legos, salt water taffy, and all the classics, like Nerds and Abba-Zaba. They also have an impressive selection of internationally imported candies you’ll be hard-pressed to find elsewhere.

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If your eyes don’t light up when you step inside Candyality, with all those options in clear containers, complete with giant lollipops, then we question why you’re even reading this article. A true candy-lover’s paradise, this sweet tooth staple now delivers on GrubHub, but we recommend witnessing its wonder firsthand.

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Windy City Sweets

It’s fun to say and even more fun to visit. Chocolate, chocolate, and more chocolate is what they’re all about. Chocolate covered nuts, fruits, berries, and snack foods, and they have a great selection of other candies too.

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Chicago’s Best Pancakes

Pancakes are hard to screw up, and they’re even harder to set apart from the rest of the pack. Locally famous for good reason, our top three take the classic batter on a pan to a whole new level, selling like hotcakes, and tasting as good as regular cake.

Elly’s Pancake House


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Six locations, one in the city and five in the suburbs, makes Elly’s a convenience of deliciousness no matter where you find yourself, and as the name suggests, the pancakes are on point. Choose from their many old-fashioned pancake varieties, or go for the famous oven-baked pancakes, a taste and texture of excellence like you’ve never experienced.

Wildberry Pancakes and Café


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Pancakes and berries go together better than pretty much any other two things, and Wildberry’s warm, inviting environment is only furthered by the specialty pancakes. We’re talking such varieties as banana cream pie, caramel apple pecan, and our favorite, the “Signature Berry Bliss.” Blissful you will be.

Bongo Room


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Points right off the bat for the awesomely classic name, then points off the charts for the pancakes and hotcakes. The unique varieties, like the citrus and ginger snap and the Oreo and praline, are exquisite, and we especially recommend the lethal brunch cocktails.